Palusga Zdeněk

Zdeněk Palusga


12 M, 3 F (a possibility of doubling male roles)


The title refers to the Taxis Ditch at the Pardubice horse race competition. Its protagonist is the 1951 sensational winner of the famous Velká Pardubická steeple-chase, an amateur jockey Vladimír Hejmovský, aged 60 at the time, who, only a year later, became a victim of Stalinist repression. His life triumph became a fatal “error” as it disclosed his very existence. His real name was Vladimir  Alexandrovich Gejmovsky and he started his career with horses, first as a cadet and then an officer in the Tsar’s army. Horses (and, in a measure, women) were his greatest love, keeping him alive even in the craziest times of the 20th Century – during the WW1, during the civil war, both in emigration and during his new beginnings in Masaryk’s Czechoslovakia and living in the Protectorate during the German occupation. After he is finally pensioned off by the Communist military command as a personally unsuitable element, both his life and career is terminated by what was supposed to be the peak of his life-long training and jockeying career during the mentioned memorable race. In the short, dense scenes the play maps the fate of the man, fascinated by horses but decent through and through, a man whose life was complicated by the history, and also by his precarious position between his two women.

The play won the third prize in the Alfréd Radok Award anonymous playwriting competition 2013.

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Florian Zeller:


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