Hurník Lukáš

*12. 7. 1967

PhD from the Faculty of the Pedagogy at the Charles University. He is currently working as the editor in chief of Czech Radio Channel 3 – Vltava.
He started his musical career as a bass-guitar player with the rock band Biwoy; he also created the whole of the repertoire for the group. Musically, he quotes Frank Zappa as his model. He later incorporated some of rock music elements into his composition
Hot-Suite that won the First Prize at the international music competition in Tokyo in 1990. He won more awards at the composer competitions Generation and Jihlava.
Style synthesis, fusing rock music with baroque and modern polyphony and cantilena with minimalist patterns is typical for Hurník’s work. The most ambitious among his work is the
Globus Symphony for Percussion and Symphony Orchestra, written specifically for the Scottish percussionist Evelyn Glennie, now among repertory pieces of Brno based orchestra Dama-Dama and the musical/opera The Angels.
His music is published, among others, by Editio Bärenreiter Praha and by the Czech Radio Publishing. Lukáš Hurník also promotes music popularization in both Czech Radio and TV. His feature programme Da capo had almost 300 instalments; he co-wrote several new music elementary school and high school textbooks, he is a columnist with the Harmonie magazine and he is the author of book on music
The Mystery of Music – Declassified (Tajemství hudby – odtajněno) published by Grada.

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