Theatre and Literature Department

The Theatre and Literature Department of Aura-Pont guarantees services to the artists it represents, and at the same time offers their works to theatres and other users.


The work of our authors is performed throughout the Czech Republic and abroad; we work with leading translators, and have built an exclusive range of contacts with international dramatists and their agents. Aura-Pont has worked long-term in this artistic field; it has the necessary experience, an overview of copyright owners and contacts on the home front which it can offer its foreign partners directly favouring negotiations with established agencies in the given country.


How we can help you:

  • We can send you theatre texts by the authors and translators we represent;
  • We can obtain the author's agreement and draw up performance contracts;
  • We can obtain the texts of foreign authors (even those we have not previously represented):
  • We can recommend translators and negotiate contracts with foreign agencies;
  • When you choose a text, we can advise on the appropriate rights.


Petra Markova, head of the Theatre Department

Anna Pychova, foreign rights
Adéla Vondrákova, literary manager

Michal Kotrous, literary manager, distribution of texts and archive

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