Legal Department

The Legal Department of Aura-Pont provides all necessary consultancy services in the field of copyright, especially in the areas of protection of authors' rights, authors' entitlements, conditions of use of authors' works and artists' performances, and procedures taken against the abuse of such rights in the Czech Republic and abroad.


What can we do for you?

  • Legal consultancy and protection of copyright - we provide comprehensive advisory services in  the field of copyright and protection of computer programmes;
  • Registration of authors' works;
  • Licensing contracts concerning the creation and use of authors' works and artists' performances;
  • Ensuring theatre, literary, film and music rights abroad;
  • Appropriate procedures in the event of a legal dispute.

Registration of authors' works:

  • Registration serves to ensure evidence concerning the author, the date of origin and the form of the work in the case of unauthorised use, especially plagiarism. It is also possible to provide registration at individual stages in the creation of a particular work;
  • Authors' works can be registered in whatsoever medium (on CD-ROM or diskette, in written or pictorial form, etc.). A copy of the work will be confirmed at the notary's office at the latest the day following registration.

Licensing contracts concerning the creation and use of the authors' works and artists' performances:

  • We can provide you with advice on the closing of licensing contracts whereby the authors and performance artists assign the rights for use of their authors' works and artistic performances;
  • We can advise you concerning the extent, nature, time and method of procedure by licence;
  • We can explain to you the system of royalty conditions.

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