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Aura-Pont is the leading private Czech artists' agency, representing a number of important local and foreign writers, dramatists, scriptwriters for film and television, actors, musicians, comperes and other performaning artists.


It was founded in 1990 as one of the first private Czech copyright agencies in the cultural field. Thanks to its foreign contacts and wealth of experience, it holds a unique position in the market.

The agency provides artists with representation and legal and financial services connected with their work, and with the use of the products of their work.


It can assist theatres, radio and TV with the choice of texts and, if required, recommend a suitable translator or other co-worker. It can close appropriate contracts with users of the work at home and abroad.

Aura-Pont provides protection of copyright not only for artists but also for makers of computer programmes.

Aura-Pont organises major cultural events, festivals, theatre performances, concerts and social events to the specifications of individual firms.

Aura-Pont is a co-founder of the Alfréd Radok Foundation, which awards prestigious annual prizes for original theatrical and dramatic work.

Aura-Pont shares in the activities of the František Langer Foundation, which is oriented towards art works with Prague as their theme.


Aura-Pont is for authors and performers, as well as the potential users of their works and performances, such as:
  • Theatres
  • Film and TV producers
  • Publishing houses
  • Music publishers
  • Advertising agencies and their clients
Aura-Pont provides you with a comprehensive service and representation to the required extent.
  • We actively search for contacts;
  • We carry out your ideas and requirements professionally, expertly, and with maximum attention;
  • We build on a close relationship with the client and on an individual approach.
We represent:
  • dramatists, writers, translators
  • directors, choreographers, set designers, costume designers
  • actors, singers, performers in musicals
  • composers, musicians and music groups
  • moderators, performers
  • architects, artists, designers, printmakers, softwaremakers

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Aura-Pont Agency 


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Czech Republic

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