Aura-Pont: 1990 - 2018

Theatre and literary agency

  • actively looks for high-quality works from the fields of drama, music-drama and literature and offers them to both Czech and foreign clients
  • mediates the use of drama, music-drama and literary works by Czech and foreign authors, representing the authors‘ interests - see:

Letters from Aura-Pont - New Plays

Czech Authors in Translation 

Artists' agency

  • offers interesting projects in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • ensures active representation of performing artists

Production activity

  •  offers its own cultural programmes throughout the Czech Republic

Creative projects

  • creates special projects according to clients' wishes in which it uses the works, experience and contacts of represented artists

Legal service

  • provides legal advice and protects the legal rights of its clients

Financial services

  • administers authors' fees with care
  • offers an individual approach to clients


Aura-Pont is a member of the C&Com Group


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Aura-Pont Agency 


Veslařský ostrov 62

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Czech Republic

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