Ridley Phlilip


Philip Ridley had his own theatre group when he was six, completed his first novel at the age of seven and had his first solo art exhibition at the age of 14. At 17, he began a degree in Fine Art at St. Martin's School of Art. The pace of Philip Ridley's life has not noticeably slackened since. A Renaissance Man for the multimedia age, Philip juggles artistic endeavours in many areas. He has written plays for radio and stage and screenplays (including the acclaimed and controversial The Krays). His first film as writer and director, The Reflecting Skin, won eleven international awards and prompted Rolling Stone magazine to describe Ridley as "a visionary". He has also written fiction for adults and, of course, children. Far from simply getting on the bandwagon of children's literature, Philip sees his children's books as "the backbone of everything that I do". His bestselling, award-winning novels have proved as popular with literary critics as with young readers. Ridley confronts contemporary issues like bullying, family breakdown and homelessness from a child's point of view. The themes of childhood anxiety and fantasy give his novels a strong contemporary agenda which is reflected in their style. Philip has said that his children's books are influenced as much by movies, computer games, comics and pop lyrics as by traditional concepts of the novel. The result is a swiftly paced, humorous and poetically arresting style which - together with Ridley's distinctive and dramatic take on magical realism - is both timeless, yet thoroughly of our time.

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